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Just to clear any confusion: After 12 years and 4 months I decided to change my profile picture.
I thought about making a cartoonish self-portrait for that. But I'd do that later when the time comes and I create something that's worth as an avatar.
Until then I replace the ugly 2005 photo and instead take a more current photo (from this year, of course) because I wanted to.

Thanks! Now I'm going back to what I was doing...*sigh* NaNoEmo - Day 19 - :depressed: 
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FYI: I created a new folder in my gallery called "YouTube Stuff".
There I will upload everything I did for YouTube projects and channels (thumbnails, titlecards, banners...). It's NOT about pure fanarts about YouTube creators or videos.
The main reason for this is that I started to do artworks commissioned by YouTube's "Telefonziege".

Thank you very much for your attention! :salute: rvmp 
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I'm writing this the evening before I head back to my Swiss home from vacation. I've been spending the last 11 days in Bavaria (Germany) where my family is and before that I spent four wonderful days in Edinburgh (Scotland).
To give a short review on those days: As mentioned, wonderful! And not only did I see Edinburgh and thus Scotland for the first time but also got to see the Festival Fringe (biggest culture festival worldwide) and two...yeah, I wanna call them friends :D I met the stage duo Aydin Isik and Mike McAlpine again who were performing there and I could talk to them again, have drinks with them. Just an awesome time with awesome people. Mm Happy 
Speaking of awesome people, also I saw other shows there (pretty much selected spontaneausly) and they were all a joy to watch (and listen to whenever it was musical). 

If you are interested, these were the shows I watched at that time:

  • Mike & Aydin "North-South Divide" (2x) (Comedy/Cabaret/Music)
  • The Laughing Mirror "Guy Fawkes it up" (Comedy/Theater)
  • George Class "Scientology: The Musical" (Comedy/Music)
  • Puppet Beings Theatre "The Backyard Story" (Taiwanese puppet theater with clothes)
  • MAC Theatre "Binari - Memory of my Mother" (Korean theater/Music) well as several artists and musicians on the Royal Mile showing their skills without having own big shows

I can definitely recommend going to Edinburgh and visiting the Fringe if you love shows of all kinds and love being surprised.
Whenever possible, I want to upload at least a few good pictures of the journey. At least I've been preparing drawings for a Fringe tribute artwork :)
Oh and before I forgot: Yes, my first flights ever (to Edinburgh and back) went perfectly fine! Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up) 

After that, as mentioned, I went to Bavaria and did some things like seeing my family members and even visiting beautiful/interesting Bavarian spots like the Chiemsee (especially Fraueninsel) and the Obersalzberg and not far from it the area where Adolf Hitler lived. Very fascinating.

Now I'm mentally preparing for being in Switzerland and at work again. And I'm also looking forward to several stuff in the near future like seeing "David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii" in the theater next Wednesday, enjoying the upcoming Autumn, hopefully seeing some theater plays in the Cologne area this Autumn and, of course, making more art :) Le Artist  

That's it for now. Best regards!

P.S.: Please check out this great prize I got for winning that :icondisney-club: MerMay contest: Me as a mermaid by :iconyuett:. Isn't it cool?
->  Mermaid portrait by Yuett
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Hello everybody!

Not much to write about but like last year right before my summer vacation, I'm in the mood for writing a journal entry now, too.

First of all, I am only six days away from my summer vacation and I'm so looking forward to it. :shuffelin: 
Like last year I will take the opportunity to visit an undiscovered place before I visit my family in Germany. This time it's Edinburgh in Scotland! This means a couple of first times: First flight I will do in my life, first time I'm gonna leave the EU zone (besides Switzerland maybe), first time I'm gonna go to another time zone, first time I'm gonna visit the British you see that I'm quite a noob when it comes to travelling ;)
But I'm excited and convinced that the four days in Edinburgh will be awesome.
I've heard and seen a lot about the city and that it's obviously quite beautiful. I'll see the Fringe Festival (largest art festival worldwide, at least what I've heard) and I'm looking forward to see two familiar faces there that I have already made fanarts for a couple of times Emote - Fangirl La Derp  
I'm sure that, if I manage to take great photos there, I will upload the best ones in my gallery.


And of course I'm happy to see my family again. During my last vacation I got pretty sick and almost could do nothing, so this time I hope I can catch up more and enjoy all the days there :)

Last but not least: As you have seen, I've made quite some updates in the last weeks. My last work - as I'm writing now - is my collaboration entry for a Disney group, a painting about the Disney movie "The Jungle Book" (the original from 1967). Before that I also did something DeviantArt related (the 17th birthday challenge) and a couple of other works. And right now I'm working on smaller acrylic paintings for my living room and maybe I will even create title cards for a YouTube channel! Quite exciting. But first, I'm going to relax and enjoy the vacation, maybe doodeling and drawing some things here and there.

That was that. Greetings to all of you Nick Wilde - Icon 
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It's true: The group :icondisney-club: recently held a contest with a "Mermay" theme in which artists can create artworks about merpeople appearing in Disney media (wether it's a character from "The Little Mermaid" or some other mermaid character in another Disney universe as long as it's not made up by the artist).
And the club judges called one of my two entries their #1. And it's the quicker, obscure, funnier painting o_O
That's cool!

It's this one by the way:
Disney MerMay Contest: Parrot of that World by Tabascofanatikerin

Also there was a top 3 of "popular votes" (voted by the group members, not the founders/judges). There I was not among the best ones but I'm not sad. I can see why these three made it ;)

It was a fun contest and hopefully I can participate in a new, interesting one soon.

So, other art-relevant news?
Well, I'm working on a shirt motif for my next vacation (I'll be going to Edinburgh, exciting!) and have already other works planned.
If only I was faster or had more time for that :sweatdrop: revamp v2

P.S.: It's HOT, isn't it? Frog Emoji-50 (Hot and sweaty) [V3] 
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As I said: Check out these latest Art Trade results, especially by the other two artists: Both are artworks featuring my "Dungeons and Dragons" character Maruphis the Tiefling as I was interested in how she would look in other people's styles :)
I'm happy about these Art Trade results (and drawing my artworks for those artists was fun for me as well, of course) so I want to share them here with you in this small journal entry.

By :icongaucelm:
Maruphis by gaucelm

My submission for him (his original character Anne-Laure)
Art Trade: Anne-Laure by Gaucelm by Tabascofanatikerin


By :iconhippo2:
AT: Maruphis Johanna by hippo2

My submission for him (his original characters Amelia and David)
Art Trade: Amelia and David by Tabascofanatikerin
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Finally I got to make my gallery lighter again by getting rid off a couple of bad, mostly old stuff. A couple? I mean around 100 pictures (mostly photos). La la la la So if you happen to not find a certain one, that's the reason.

What else is going on? Not that much.
Well, always work, of course. But I'll be starting into my next big vacation in May so I can relax and see my family again. And I've been trying to keep making art as you might have noticed, hehe.

That's the little update. Bye! Fence Scene [Shaun of the Dead] 
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So this was 2016.
I don't know about you but to me personally, 2016 was as good or bad as the year before when it comes to balance. But a lot happened, not only in the world, but in my life. And I'm going to keep it short as well as possible.

First the good stuff:
I finally could start a new psychotherapy with a very nice psychologist and also taking pills in order to fight depression. So far the pills seem to have a mild but positive effect so far and the talkings help me a lot. I hope this continues like that.
Also I could do two big trips outside of my annual trips to my friends in Germany. These were a summer vacation in Eastern Frisia and three days (including my birthday) in Disneyland Paris in France. I had awesome times there.
When it comes to cinema releases this year, I beat my own record of seen movies. And I tried out playing "Dungeons and Dragons" for the first time (via voice chat and online gaming) and I've been playing this since then with friends from time to time.

What's not that good, more like in the middle:
To express this in Facebook speak: In a relationship -> single. After 7 years I decided to end the relationship due to various reasons. It's not something I cheer about at all but I still feel that it was the right choice. So this year I moved again, into a bit smaller apartment in the same town but also in a better location of it.

The bad stuff:
From an occupational point of view, it was the most exhausting for years. A lot of changes in our team and company, more responsibility, more stress and thus a couple of disappointments and problems throughout the year.
As implied I had lots of trouble with my depression and anxiety going on and that's why I decided to finally do something against it (with the start of the new therapy but also by volunteering in a research study about it as a start).
And thankfully not as ongoing but still very painful was an appointment at one dental appointment (root canal treatment that didn't go that well), definitely gave me one of the worst pains of the last couple of years.

I can't say it was a good year, but I'm fair and say that I also couldn't call it a failure since I've achieved some progress here and there (travelling more, starting psychotherapy, living more like the way I was more and more seeking).
And yes, there was a lot of frightening crap going on in the world, I cannot ignore that for sure: Trump, IS, developments in my German home country...I can't tell if we have the worst behind or ahead of us now.

But I don't want to end this journal with depressing topics. So I'm ending it by telling you my personal ranking of movies I've seen at the theaters, so for a complete list with explanations, please check the link here:… (FYI: however, I want to catch up on Disney's "Moana" which has started about a week ago here but I can't watch it until the beginning of January, so this movie might be added to the list very soon).

Last but not least: I wish you just the best for 2017 and for sure a better year than the now ending one.
Take care and get safely and happily into the new year!
2017 (test icon) 
Hanabi emoticon Cutie Bye - 13 NaNoEmo #19 {F2U} Purple Firework Bullet 
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To my watchers and friends I wish happy happy holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever you celebrate right now your way)!

Hopefully you can spend the holidays peaceful and with the people you love and/or the things you enjoy the most.

Merry christmas everybody SnowySeven Blessings - Hanukkah :Holidays: v2.0 

Myself I'm spending vacation right now in Germany where my family lives and also will spend Christmas (starting today) with them.
I will write a new journal by the end of the year so I don't wish a happy new year here yet ;)
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Yesterday I returned from three great, very fun and colourful days in Disneyland Paris, including my 32nd birthday I wanted to combine with this trip.

I am thankful for the entertainment, the opportunity to forget my worries for once and the free time I got there and it was great to visit this special place after 18 years again (yes, I've been there already but it's long ago and a lot was new or like new, so I hardly had any déjà vus) plus I got to test out new things on my own like staying at the main hotel, having breakfast at the Café Mickey (on birthday morning) or meeting characters.
Soon I'll be posting pictures of this trip, especially pictures of meeting characters there :D

This trip would also have been an opportunity to meet fellow DA member :icongaucelm:, at least right outside the parc. However, unfortunately crap got in the way and so this intention had to be cancelled :( Surely and hopefully some other opportunity will turn up in the future.

Yeah, that's my short review in a couple of paragraphs about my Disneyland trip. Thumbs up

EDIT (2016/12/01):
Hey, guess what, everybody: I am sick now! (since yesterday = just two days after I returned from the trip) i am sick :X 
And I consider myself lucky, this would have ruined my trip there.
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Title says it all!
Nick - Icon 
Tomorrow I'm gonna go to France, have birthday breakfast with a giant mouse and his other furry friends and I'm gonna turn older in a fun way for once as well as hopefully have some great relaxing days after very very exhausting, rather depressing weeks.

See ya, ha-ha! Eyebrow Wiggle Mickey Emoticon 
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It's almost and finally here: my summer vacation!
I'm gonna be off to it but this time it is a little bit more exciting since I get to discover a new place at last (usually I only go to see my family). So I will visit and explore the Northern-Western region of Germany at the North Sea known as East Frisia which I haven't visited yet. My vacation includes 6 days of vacation there and 5 more days way down in Bavaria to see my family at last, at least for a couple of days.
I'm so looking forward to it Kawaii Papyrus

And yes, this doesn't sound very exotic but I don't care: It's a region I really want to see (also because of the Sea and the tea culture there Fancy Dance PLZ ) and the years after there will be certainly more foreign holiday destinations.

However, this also means that I won't read notifications, messages or notes frequently since I'm gonna be mostly offline there (by choice btw). So don't think I don't want to reply to feedback or something. I love getting feedback.
And hopefully I kinda managed what I planed the last months: Doing more art (without sacrificing quality, of course). And there will be more artworks in the following weeks and months, too, if my schedule allows :)

Have a good time and see you!

seaside icon TTOCI 1 GIF 1seaside icon TTOCI 1 GIF 1seaside icon TTOCI 1 GIF 1beach chair duo TTOCI GIF 3seaside icon TTOCI 1 GIF 1seaside icon TTOCI 1 GIF 1seaside icon TTOCI 1 GIF 1 NaNoEmo 24 - :relax: 
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So. I moved.

To describe the process in a few words: it went not well. Not because of the moving company I hired, not because of lack of preparation but because of rainy weather and some ignorants who violated my preparation of good parking spaces in front of the new house (official and paid). Well anyway, it cost time (thus will cost extra money which - I HOPE - will get back to me soon), it cost a lot of nerves and it wasn't fun. At least I did everything right (also in the eyes of the police) and now I can sit in my new appartment, peaceful at last.

It is not as "luxury" and big as the old one but at least I can pay the rents by myself here without problems.
Right now there's still some furnishing and installing (like I still have no internet, but I hope I will have it in the next weeks, ideally right after my vacation).
And I hope I can focuss on making art a bit more in the future.

Outside from that: Work is also going on which has made me quite busy as well. But right now I finally can take a break cause I'm on vacation since today. Aaaah, feels so good to be lazy and to be with my family again...

That's it for now :)
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It's not going to be a big change for you since I don't regularly upload art anyway (I would LIKE to and have ideas but life, work and stuff requires quite some of my time). But just to tell the news: I'm going to move.
Well, only about a few streets away but in a whole new appartment for myself. So I'm quite busy with preparing and organizing the move next to working.
But what I also hope to get from moving to the new place is that I could spend more time and concentrate more on creating artworks a bit better (but don't get me wrong, it's not the reason #1 for this step, hehe).
By the end of April I finally will have my next vacation, I'm so looking forward to it (seeing my family and Bavaria again, having some relaxation...). I hope I can do some creative stuff during my vacation but let time tell if my motivation is big enough ;)

That's about it. :)
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I've mentioned it already and she is still active and doing cool updates so why not taking another or even first look at :iconzwerg-im-bikini:'s Patreon page?…

If you don't know: Patreon is a site where people can donate to artists either one-time or on a monthly basis and can gain something in return (like exclusive blogs, pictures etc.).
And :iconzwerg-im-bikini: is the creator of, the famous site for creating and customizing South Park characters.

She definitely deserves support as she has done some cool updates (especially in December), her free SP Studio is quite popular. So why not donate a little bit to support a great, talented artist?

If you love the sp-studio and choose to support her monthly you can benefit from this pretty well. Just check out the options.
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Hello, my dear friends and followers.

Here and today I wish you pleasant and happy Christmas days. May you find a little peace and happiness and a joyful time with people you love.
In my case I will: As usual I'm gonna celebrate at my big sister's house with her family and our parents. There's no snow here but some sun shining during daytime.

How was 2015?
In order to not bore you let's just keep it short: It was a very mixed year. There were cool things going one, no real big bad events but lots of smaller bad events that I hope I can solve in upcoming 2016 (keyword: depression). So that's my big resolution for the new year (and I usually never make new year's resolutions).
I don't know how 2016 will end up but I sincerely hope it'll be better than this year.
And when it comes to art I also hope to achieve more. I tried to "produce" and practice more in 2015. Some things succeeded, other projects and ideas I had to put aside. But then again I found more fun in painting acrylic paintings. So maybe I am on my way to improvement.

And for you I also wish only the best for 2016!
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Right now I'm in my lazy, vacation mood, slurping tea and still asking me one question whenever I check my DA feeds:

How the hell can you produce one masterpiece after another in such short times?
How can you draw or paint that fast that you still manage to produce great artworks?

Usually I wouldn't claim that a fast artist is a good artist. But I can't restist comparing myself to others and it's kinda confusing, amazing and frustrating at the same time to realize that other artists can create more and better pictures in only a few days while I already need a phase to put a freaking piece of paper in my hand, sacrifice a good portion of time to create an artwork that mostly sucks in the end (even though I tried hard). 

Then I think it must be some kind of education. Maybe the artists producing fast AND well have studied art in colleges or universities, thus have also learned to work fast. Is that so? In my case, as you can tell, I never had the opportunity to visit a college or an university.

If it just was for self pity I would't post this journal. But I keep asking me this over and over again and maybe YOU can give me a good, reasonable answer. In that case: Thank you in advance!

Now, back to my vacation which will hopefully bring SOME creative stuff. After all, I have more time now.
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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
I've been on DeviantArt since August 17th 2005, when I was 20 years old. So it's been pretty much 10 years since I became a member.

2. What does your username mean?
It means "huge fan of tabasco" (yes, the hot sauce). Although I enjoy spicy dishes and tabasco, the story behind it was a different one: As I was looking for a new regular nickname, I was told by my older sister that her husband used to be given mean names because of his black hair and slightly dark skin. Like "Indian" or "Tabasco fanatic". The last one strangely inspired me because it sounded so random and I stopped searching. ;)

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Capable of improvement.

4. Are you left or right handed?
I am right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
It was the drawing "And it goes on...", uploaded on August 17th 2005. It's about the pain caused by terrible, traumatic memories of Holocaust survivors.

And it goes on... by Tabascofanatikerin

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
I enjoy traditional art the most because I'm also more used to it. When it comes to motifs, I am torn apart. I love doing fanarts but also know that original art is at least important.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Digital paintings. It's incredible what others can do with it. And I'm pretty much at the beginning because it took long until I had my own drawing tablet. After that, creating proper animations would be awesome.

8. What was your first favourite?
It's the fantastic horror movie artwork "Horror Movies 2" by my good friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini:. She also was the one who drew my attention to DeviantArt.

Horror Movies 2 by Zwerg-im-Bikini

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I think it doesn't depend on the media. I believe I fave whatever inspires me the most ("I wanna draw/paint like THIS!!!") or whatever is a great representation of my interests and characteristics. Years ago I used to fave almost whatever impressed me but meanwhile I act more selectively.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
That would be :iconzwerg-im-bikini:. She brought me to DeviantArt, thus has stuck with me the longest here. She also has inspired me the most with her wide range of skills and generally great artworks. And she's one of the very few DA friends that I know personally :)

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Ooh, not easy...maybe :icongaucelm: because he's not only very talented but also seems to be a very nice, interesting guy hanging out with.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
As I mentioned: my friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini: showed me DeviantArt in the first place and has kept inspiring me there.
But other than that there's no other certain DA member that has impacted my life this much (wether in a good or bad way). Other members, watched by me or not, have given me inspirations and advices here and there, communicated with me. So: normal, peaceful community life, nothing intensive.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I love drawing with coloured pencils and painting with water colours. I think this is where I'm best at. And working with these tools is also a bit relaxing. The artworks I'm most satisfied with were mostly done with these dools.
Also I love to work with Adobe Photoshop, especially for colorizing drawings.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
If you mean a place where I draw or paint then I say that there's no "favourite" place, I always create art at home in my room at my desk.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
There's no such thing but it always has made me especially happy whenever lots of people faved and commented an artwork of mine. It's very motivating.
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My very good friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini: has started a new, fresh Patreon page:

If you don't know: Patreon is a site where people can donate to artists either one-time or on a monthly basis and can gain something in return (like exclusive blogs, pictures etc.).
And :iconzwerg-im-bikini: is the creator of, the famous site for creating and customizing South Park characters.

Because I like her works very much and think that she deserves a chance on Patreon I'd like to draw your attention to this site.
If you love the sp-studio and choose to support her monthly you can benefit from this pretty well. Just check out the options.

That's it. Enjoy the day and your life!
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