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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

This is the awesome result of an Art Trade between :iconthemrock: and me.

Contribution by me:
Art Trade: Running Smirk (for Themrock) by Tabascofanatikerin
I took his sketch of his character Smirk as a reference and made an acrylic painting out of it.

Contribution by :iconthemrock: :
Art Trade Half with Tabascofanatikerin by Themrock
He took a sketch of mine (with me cosplaying as one of his other characters called Acquilara) and inked/colourized it digitally.

I am so happy with the results, especially with his picture, of course :happy: Excited Dummy 
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MutantPiratePrincess (OC Fanart)
My fanart on the alter ego of my friend :iconmutantpirateprincess:
Original artwork: mutantpirateprincess.deviantar…

The original character is quite new and as soon as I saw her, I felt like drawing her myself because it looked like fun :D

As you can see this character combines the topics mutants (especially "X-Men"), pirates (especially "Monkey Island") and princesses (especially Disney princesses). Three topics :iconutantpirateprincess: loves.
Also she shows off her wedding ring as the latter is part of the character.

Made with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
Anders ist besser - Different is better
Confused? Let me explain, especially to those not from Germany:

This digital drawing is a reference to a certain marketing campaign by the German TV channel Tele5. The motto is "Anders ist besser" (= Different is better) which means that Tele5 likes to stick out among all the other channels on the German market and tries to do that by sending special movies (like trash movies and be proud of it) and comedy (even their transition sequences are very weird and partly funny).

For this some Tele5 show hosts, comedians...promote the slogan.
Two of them are Oliver Kalkofe and Peter Rütten, who happen to be two of my favourite German comedians. Together they host the Tele5 show "SchleFaZ - Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten" (The worst movies of all time).

This is their clip:…

Not only that, they also hanged out posters like this one in German cities:…

And based on that and the controversy that came afterwards (they had to face a shitstorm created by homophobes and others being bothered and offended by the two guys kissing even though Rütten and Kalkofe are both heterosexuals themselves) I created this little digital artwork.

Why? I felt like it.
And I got the context of it but even if not: I have no problem with two men or two women kissing each other as long as they are both fine with that (no matter what their actual sexual orientation is).
The execution of this campaign might be unusual and weird, but that is the nature of Tele5, I got that. And I just like these guys very much. I was surprised when I watched the clip for the first time but not in a negative way.
Also, their style in hosting their show is normally a kind of hate-love relationship, like they love to bully or tease each other. It was kind of cool to see them take a different road for a brief moment.

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
Art vs. Artist
I guess it was just a matter of time.

I tried to include a lot of things here: different media, fanarts and originals, colourful and b/w, funny/happy and gloomy pictures...even newer and older ones (the older ones I'm still content with, of course).

About the latter: I don't really know if this meme is about surround yourself with only recent artworks from 2018 or something...I'm too lazy to do research. In the end, I wanna surround myself with a good mixture of media, themes, know it.
Crimson Croc (OC Fanart)
Crimson Croc, great Crimson Croc
The most crimson reptile on the Dock
He roams the Oceans and all Seas
Rides Sharks and Whales and Manatees
Finds fair young Virgins and shiny Treasures!
Crimson Croc’s Life is just pure Pleasures!

Nem Pirate 

Fanart of the original character Crimson Croc by :iconthemrock:, a pirate crocodile as you can see.
He is quite new so not much is known about him yet. YET...

See the original Crimson Croc by his creator:……

Done with SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
The photo used in the background is one I took myself in September 2017 when I visited the Chiemsee (a famous beautiful lake in Bavaria, Germany).
Judy Hopps - Have a donut, Coppa!
My entry for the "Heroine of the month" topic in the Disney-related group :icondisney-heroines:.

It's a contest project and an opportunity to create something around one character. This month it is Judy Hopps' turn, the heroine and bunny cop from the movie "Zootopia".

Once again, a screenshot of the movie served as a reference.
It is during the awesome chase scene between Judy Hopps and Duke Weaselton who stole a bag and flees from cop Judy through a rodent city. During that he slows her down temporarily by throwing a fake huge (for smaller rodents even huger) donut at her.

Everything here is digital except for the colours which were pre-painted on watercolour paper.

Done with SAI and tablet, Adobe Photoshop and watercolour.


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