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Aurora, Child of Light by Tabascofanatikerin
Aurora, Child of Light
This is my fanart about the Ubisoft game "Child of Light" which I recently played and finished on the PC.
In my opinion it's a great game, an entertaining mix of RPG, platformer, beautiful graphics and soundtrack with interesting characters. I only think that the story felt a bit generic but aside from that I can recommend "Child of Light".

Here you see the main character Princess Aurora (which you play in the first place) and her companion Igniculus in three stages: Child, adult (or teen) and as the Queen of Lights.
I also - as so often - tried to fill in my own style in that fanart while being faithful to the beautiful watercolour style of the game.
It was very much fun and I'm glad that I tried this out.
Before making this I had the idea of painting a group picture of Aurora and her friends. I hope I can do that, too.

Done with pencil and water colours, cut out and background added in Photoshop.
Treasure Hunters and Tomb Raiders (Contest Entry) by Tabascofanatikerin
Treasure Hunters and Tomb Raiders (Contest Entry)
UPDATE July 1st 2015: My entry won the first prize :w00t:

My entry for this contest:…
I've had this idea already for a longer while but now there was an opportunity and motivation to create this motif.

It's about putting Scrooge McDuck and Lara Croft together as a crossover. Not as a couple but as rivals.

I actually think these characters are very similar.
Both are insanely rich, hunt for treasures and are willing to travel to far away countries for this and to put themselves in danger.
Also - although it wasn't that important as a factor - he's from Scotland, she's from England, so also in cultural view they're not far away from each other.
But in order to make them kinda match in this picture - and because it was fun - I made Lara also a duck character. Do you like it? :D

I also tried something new with this artwork: mixing traditional art with digital tablet drawing. I made the painting first and then drew the outlines via tablet. It's not perfect, I admit, but I'm willing to practice.

Made with pencil, water colours and Adobe Photoshop (with the help of my tablet).
Rushing into Happiness (for my Cousin) by Tabascofanatikerin
Rushing into Happiness (for my Cousin)
My oldest (and only older) cousin recently married his girlfriend.

I couldn't attend the ceremony and party but I'm very happy for them and wish them the best for their marriage.
However, at least I wanted to send them a more personal and funny card to congratulate them so this is the result: A personal drawing of them :) (which is part of the card)

BTW: What they wear in this drawing is possibly not what they wore in reality. I created this drawing before the wedding so I was making this up (studiously in warmer colours because I just liked the idea).

Drawn with pencil and coloured pencils.

P.S.: Before you mention it, I'm gonna mention it first: I just realized that I forgot to draw them wedding rings. I'm a freaking idiot :x (Mad) 
Digitally drawn me by Tabascofanatikerin
Digitally drawn me
For practice: A digital drawing done with my Wacom tablet. The basic picture was a photo I took of myself as I actually wanted to take a picture by delayed-action shutter release but it went off before I could do my wanted pose. But I didn't delete the failed picture and now it's used for practicing.
It's not very beautiful yet but that's why I practice and that's why this is in my scraps gallery.

Drawn in Photoshop.
Floating in the Void by Tabascofanatikerin
Floating in the Void
Last week I had my vacation and also got to revisit Lake Chiemsee again, one of the most beautiful spots in Bavaria, Germany (in my opinion).
There - to be exact: in Seebruck - the weather was anything than pleasant. Some raindrops came down, the air was a little cool and as you can see the weather sucked out the colours of the environment. But that's also what I had to take a photo of because I still enjoyed the view and I was kinda amazed that there wasn't even the other side of the lake visible (although I also prefer the clear, more colourful sight of the lake). So it looks like almost nothing. And only one or two boats were floating around.

My very good friend :iconzwerg-im-bikini: has started a new, fresh Patreon page:

If you don't know: Patreon is a site where people can donate to artists either one-time or on a monthly basis and can gain something in return (like exclusive blogs, pictures etc.).
And :iconzwerg-im-bikini: is the creator of, the famous site for creating and customizing South Park characters.

Because I like her works very much and think that she deserves a chance on Patreon I'd like to draw your attention to this site.
If you love the sp-studio and choose to support her monthly you can benefit from this pretty well. Just check out the options.

That's it. Enjoy the day and your life!
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Johanna Gassner
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